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Python for Finance Level I

You'll start by writing your first line of Code and will go towards using different libraries.
for complete course
No Prior Knowledge Required
Learn from the stratch
Pandas Library is also covered
Learn to read Data
One Capstone Project
15+ hours lectures

Python for Finance Level II

Your next step into programming, an intermediate to advance level course.
for complete course
Basic Knowledge of Python is  Required
2 Capstone Projects
Feedback from the Trainer
Learn complete analysis 
20+ hours lectures

Python for Finance Bundle

Be an Expert in the cutting edge Technology. Start with no prior knowledge and be an Expert.
for both the Courses
Upskill Yourself to stand out in competition
Land your dream job in finance
100% support from our trainers

This course includes video lectures, which will helps the students in understanding the Concepts. Also, the Quizzes will help the students in checking their knowledge.

The course also include Worksheets in every Section. Around 250+ Questions will help the students in implementing the Skills acquired. 

A certificate can help you showcase your skills to the hiring professionals. This course will provide you a digital Certificate along with a barcode. This barcode will help you in verifying the certificate.

Not Just Python!

By writing our first line of Python code, we will begin from the very beginning. After learning all the core concepts of Python, You will be introduced to NumPy and Pandas and how to import and use them. Find out how to access .csv and .xlxs files in Python. Also, you will learn how to visualize data using libraries such as Seaborn, Matplotlib, etc.

Importing LIVE Finance Data

Four different data sources are covered in this course. Also, The students will learn how to install the required libraries and fetching the LIVE Data from YFinance, Alpha Vantage, EOD, ONADA, etc using a few lines of Python code. These Data Sources will provide you with Real-time and Historical Data of Cryptocurrencies, Fundamentals, Ratings, Historical Prices and Yields of Corporate Bonds, as well as Profit and Loss Statements (P&L).

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What this Course Offers?

Python Basics

This module will help you in learning the basics of Python. You'll be writing your first program ever. In this, you'll be getting comfortable with Colab, and this will cover concepts like DataTypes, Operators, and a lot more.

Python Flow Control

Control flow is where the rubber meets the road in programming. Without it, a program is simply a list of statements that are sequentially executed. This module will help you in making decisions and looping statements.

Python Lists

Lists are used to store multiple items in a single variable. Lists are one of 4 built-in data types in Python. This module will help you in getting comfortable with lists and also will help you in performing complex tasks.

Python Functions

How you can reuse your code repeatedly without wasting your time writing it again and again. This module will help you learn the concepts of function for doing the same

Working with Files

In finance, there can be large chunks of data that need to be analyzed. This Module will help you learn file handling, and You'll be working with Text, CSV, and PDF Files.

Financial Analysis Using Live & Historical Data

  • In this module we will be fetching the LIVE Data from YFinance, Alpha Vantage, EOD, ONADA, etc.
  • These Data Sources will provide you with Real-time and Historical Data of Cryptocurrencies, Fundamentals, Ratings, Historical Prices and Yields of Corporate Bonds, as well as Profit and Loss Statements (P&L).
  • This module will be updated from time to time 
  • The alumni will receive our updated content via email even after the course expires

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Great course for someone new to Python like me. - The quality of the videos and presentations was outstanding. - The additional Quizzes provided were useful to revise the topics studied. - The Worksheets provided throughout the course were very useful to apply in practice the material studied Overall practical oriented course.

This course gives insight into how python can be used in the Financial Sector, though I was unsure of how applicable it is, as it seems simplified. learned a lot about python in this course Would recommend it to a beginner of python and intermediate finance student.

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